FAQ & Help

1.How to book a car ?
Reservations are possible:  1) online in online mode.  2) by phone.  3) by e-mail.
2. What documents are required to rent a car ?
Driver's license and identity Document.
3. What is included in the cost of one day ?
Use of the car in the currents 24 hours and the cost of insurance.
4. What kind of insurance includes rent ?
The daily rental price includes insurance of the hired car and liability to third parties.
5. Do you require an advance amount of guarantees ?
Yes, we reserve an insurance guarantee in the amount of USD 200 equivalent to the national currency (Lari), which will be returned to you right after the car is delivered to car rental office, if there is no damage.
6. What is the cancellation policy and do I receive any sanctions ?
Cancellation does not include penalties if you notified the company by email or phone.
7. Does the company have to pay for an additional driver ?
For the second driver you do not pay an additional fee.
8. From what place is the car exported ?
From the company's office, from the airport or in a pre-agreed place.
9. Is it necessary to get to the office of the company to continue the lease, is this possible by phone ?
To continue your lease, you can visit our office, call us or send an email to info@geocarrental.ge, where you will inform us in detail about the extension of the rental period. The renewal of the lease is not possible on the campaign website.
10. How do I pay?
Payment can be made with a bank transfer, cash and with plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express
11. How do we deal with car damage, theft or a car accident ?
In the event of an accident, theft, mechanical or other damage, the employer must call the police and receive a report on the incident.  He should contact Geocarrentali by phone: 995598-27-22-27 and notify him about it. Otherwise, the insurance company removes the obligation to pay damages.
12. Do you have distance restrictions ?
We have no limits.
13. What is the fuel supply rule ?
The car will be rent with a full fuel tank, and you must return the car with a full tank.
14. Do you provide child seats ?
We provide upon a preliminary request.
15. Do you provide GPS equipment ?
We will provide you with GPS upon preliminary request.

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